Warehouse Paint Striping Specialist

Revitalize specializes in warehouse paint striping throughout the entire Greater Houston Area. We service most of the South-Eastern Gulf Region in Texas, However we are most competitive in these areas: Houston, Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Memorial, and even Clearlake, & League City.

Is this something you’re looking to get done? Call us today, and let’s discuss your project in detail. Our highly trained and friendly staff can assist you in making an educated decision for your warehouse floor striping needs today.

Warehouse Floor Striping

If you’re considering getting Warehouse floor striping, you have to be certain that you hire a contractor that truly understands the entirety of all the complexities that can be involved throughout the process of the project. This particular painting service is not like your typical parking lot striping on the exterior of your commercial warehouse or facility. In reality, the only similarities that these two services share is the equipment that is used to spray the paint on the ground. There are many untrained concrete striping contractors that get themselves into projects of this nature, and they simply don’t understand the difference, that inevitably ends up costing you a lot of money and wasted time. Warehouse floor striping also requires a strong understanding of complex paint systems, each of them specific for unique situations, such as urethane enamels and 2 part epoxies. It’s important to also have an understanding of what the you, the client, needs for your unique project.

Variables to Consider

The first question we ask our clientele is “how long do you need it to last?” Once this has been determined, we’ll quickly identify if you are in need of long term vs. short term paint product, and at that point we can proceed to create your proposal to your specific needs.

We have access to the best quality paints the marketplace has to offer, and if you were in need a product that needs to last 3 years without fail, then we would highly suggest for you to get a two part epoxy with shot blasting, in order to prepare the concrete surface. This particular product is guaranteed to hold up without failure for up to three (3) years.

If you’re looking for warehouse line painting that only needs to last a year or two, (example: a building tenant with a one or two year lease) we would highly recommend that you ask about our oil base paint without any preparation of the concrete. Since we wouldn’t prep the concrete, there can be no guarantee on how well it holds up. In most cases, it works just fine to get you through the timeframe with enough paint adhesion to mark your basic marking and staging purposes.

Many of our clients ask us to paint their concrete on a loading dock that is exposed to the outdoor elements. Revitalize Parking Lot Services suggests that you shot blast the areas that need to be painted and then use urethane enamel product on the sun exposed areas. Urethane has been proven to hold up better against the harsh outdoor elements such as the weather and sunlight than its rival enamels such as epoxy. This is the same type of paint that is used in cars when they’re painted with a urethane paint product. There are various factors when trying to choose the correct paint for your project. Give us a call at our office to speak with a highly trained staff member that can assist you in figuring out which of them you need to consider.

Warehouse Floor Painting & Coatings.

Do you have a concrete surface or warehouse floor that is in need of being coated or re-coated? Revitalize Striping can handle do that for you as well. We offer our clientele a variety of coating systems that can be utilized in places that have a need for paint on your concrete warehouse floors. Call us today, and let’s discuss your project in detail. Our highly trained and friendly staff can assist you in making an educated decision for your warehouse floor striping needs today.