Thermoplastic Striping Houston

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What is Thermoplastic Pavement Marking?

thermoplastic_01Thermoplastic pavement marking is a process that involves applying a plastic based material to an asphalt or concrete surface. This is a plastic material that normally comes in pellet form, powder, or block, and is manipulated through heat into a liquid form and is masterfully applied to the asphalt surface by a specially made machine. Once it is heated to the correct temperature, the liquid material cools as it’s being applied and ultimately, it chemically bonds to the concrete or asphalt surface.

Thermoplastic has many capabilities. These are just to name a fe: Handicap (ADA) Symbols, Crosswalks, Directional Arrows, Individual line striping, Loading Docks (Zones), and Custom made lettering for any of your needs.

What are the benefits of Thermoplastic Paint Striping?

The benefits of using thermoplastic paint allows your pavement to have excellent reflective qualities and will generally last Four (4) to Six (6) times longer than latex striping paint. If you have a “high” traffic parking lot, Thermoplastic pavement marking is an excellent choice and truly passes the test of time.

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