Sealcoating Professionals in Houston, Texas

Seal Coating HoustonIf there’s one thing that you need to know about seal coating in Houston,
it’s this one simple fact:
Seal coating is the BEST way to prolong the life of your asphalt pavement.

What’s been tested and proven by popular seal coat manufacturers, their suggestion is that new Sealcoating in Houston should, at a minimum, get 2 coats every two to three years based on several factors. Some of the factors include: your parking lot’s current traffic volume (number of cars), the kind of traffic (commercial, residential, retail, etc.), weather issues in our Local Metro area, and a few others.
Allow Revitalize to visit your facility and discuss what your needs are for Parking Lot & Seal Coating in Houston. Our friendly staff are highly trained to look at your parking lot and analyzing unique situations to suggest an educated fit that is right for you. Our service area for seal coating includes Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Memorial, and Houston, Texas.

What is Seal coating?

seal-coating-2Sealcoating is a tedious process in which a liquid emulsion, also called sealant, is masterfully placed over an asphalt base.

Typically, the sealant is applied over a clean asphalt surface with wide rubber squeegees to effectively protect and seal the surface of your asphalt parking lot.

Top Sealcoating manufacturers recommend applying two coats of asphalt slurry seal to your asphalt surface every 1 to 2 years, depending on the use and wear.

In doing so, you’re protecting the surface from the crippling effects of the environment, including ultraviolet oxidation, and moisture. The main reason you should apply new sealcoat to your pavement lot is to ultimately protect the number one asset on your property, and that’s your asphalt. Seal coat on asphalt plays a role similar to what sunscreen does to your skin. It does a great job keeping your asphalt protected and safe from any harsh elements such as the heat or UV rays from the sun and the prolonged effects from humidity and rain. If you can see the rock face of the asphalt and it is clearly visible, you should then be moving SOON to get new seal coat to prevent any wear and tear to the asphalt surface underneath. Due to the extreme humidity and heat we have in Houston, it isn’t too gentle on seal coating and asphalt. Considering there are also other factors adding to the continuous damage of your asphalt lots, here are a few things to watch out for:

Sprinkler run-off

Hot weather

Automobile traffic

Seal Coating HoustonThese are the three of the main things that wear away the protective layers of seal that you should be getting every year.
If you’re not careful to get protective sealcoating houston replaced on a regular basis, you pose a risk to damaging a sturdy asphalt surface below. Seal coating contractors without scruples may be tempted to sell you pricy asphalt repairs that make doing business with them ex pensive, when in reality, all you need is a fresh new coat of seal. Call us at our office for a honest and fair evaluation of your needs for parking lot’s seal coating in Houston. Our primary goal is to fix any issues at hand, and eventually earn your trust and your business for life, through honest communication and no hidden costs.

Which markets does Revitalize Serve in Houston?

Revitalize performs a variety of Sealcoating repair projects. Each client and facility type is unique, and as always, presents itself with its own set of challenges and special needs that we as a professional sealcoating company have to keep in mind. From seal coating a retail shopping center to apartment complexes, we offer many different seal coating projects that we take on to satisfy our clientele’s needs. Strip Centers & Shopping Malls are a perfect example of a special needs project. We at Revitalize understand the urgency when you call us, and you have to get a retail store front open quickly within a set deadline. Strip centers & Malls cannot afford any down time because of the nature of a Retail business, and for that reason, Revitalize works with facility managers, property managers, and their staff to minimize any possible issues during seal coating in Houston. Down below are just some of the most typical blacktop seal coat project types we are experienced in performing.

Parking Lots

Shopping Centers

Commercial Buildings

Apartments & HOA’s

Schools & College Campuses

Golf Courses & Large Venues

Distribution Centers

Bollard & Sign Installation