The Beauty of Houston Parking Lot Striping

When Paint & Precision come together to Work Wonders for Parking Lots

If you own an asphalt parking lot in Houston, TX – no matter how large or small – you know more than anyone else in the business how much of a difference new parking lot striping can make. After all, when your customers or potential tenants approach your property, your parking lot is the first thing they see.

If your shopping mall parking lot is in need of any repairs, with difficult-to-see striping, you could be potentially losing customers who leave feeling unsafe, they’ll have a sour first impression, and likely take their business elsewhere.

If your office building or apartment parking lot has potholes, cracks, or the Parking Lot paint is barely visible, simply imagine what your potential tenants would think… Most potential clientele would assume the inside of your apartments must be just like outside. AND POOF. There goes your customer.

Houston Parking Lot Striping is perfect for all commercial properties and keeps you out of a lot of trouble, both legally and financially. Added curb appeal never hurt either.

Lot Striping

Fortunately for many Property Management Companies and Property Owners, there is a relatively simple solution to improve the condition of your property. Even if it’s not in affordable to bring brand new pavement onto your property, the odds are good, that you can afford to have your existing parking lot repaired and have a fresh coat of paint laid out. You’ll be amazed at the difference and so will your potential tenants or customers.

Professional Parking Lot Striping

Whether you’re in the market for striping or any other type of repair for your pavement, it’s important to choose a contractor you can depend on for doing their job both efficiently and correctly. At Revitalize Striping, our trained pavement specialists have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. We’re proud to offer our customers premier quality work – with an understanding that each project will get done on time and within budget. Don’t rely on a contractor with little or no experience to handle your projects. Instead, choose Revitalize Striping and rest assured that your striping will be done right the first time! Let our experience speak for itself.


Parking Lot Striping Experts, with over 30 years of combined experience

Asphalt and Concrete surfaces are susceptible to damage from traffic and weather, including: extreme Texas heat, torrential rains and even your occasional freezing temperature weather. Because of this, it’s critical that your local contractor understands what the Houston climate is like so they can consistently and continually recommend the most appropriate repair and yearly maintenance schedule to keep your parking lot looking like new, year after year for you and your clientele to enjoy.

Affordable Paint Striping Services

Hey look, we understand this concept better than any other company – we all have budgets. At Revitalize Striping, we understand exactly the miracles you have to make with your current budgets. And as a company working with everyday budgets, we understand how important that is to our customers as well, which is why we do everything in our power to make sure our prices are fair and reasonable to you, the end user.

Here are a few markets that we serve:

Parking Lots

Shopping Centers

Commercial Buildings

Apartments & HOA’s

Schools & College Campuses

Golf Courses & Large Venues

Distribution Centers