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Are you looking to refresh your tired, old looking building without tearing it down?

Have you considered doing some exterior painting to bring your property “BACK TO LIFE”?

Before you answer that question… let me ask you this…

Are you tired of getting the run around from contractors on how “BUSY” they are?

Are you tired of not knowing whether you’re getting the best “BANG” for your buck?\

Are you tired of contractors that


If you’re looking for the contractor to give you the lowest price on your project, please close this page right now.

If you’re looking for shortcuts or if you’re looking to put “lipstick on a pig”,

PLEASE…. spare the both of us, and close this page right now.


If you’re looking for someone who can:

  • … respond to your emails/text messages/phone calls/smoke signals the same day
  • … give you the RIGHT solution for your project the first time
  • … dedicate someone to your project and go the extra mile to ensure it goes smoothly

Then, gee whiz, I have some great news for you and you need to keep reading this.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have someone… handle the whole thing without being too involved?

Check this out:

We make Exterior Painting & Restorations EASY, it just starts with a phone call.

Our process begins with a thorough building inspection, and we’ll both figure out what it is that’s giving you the biggest headaches at your property.

When we’re out there, we’ll look for various things, which include:

1) The current state, color, and wear of the paint

2) The age and condition the siding/stucco is currently in.

3) We’ll then look for any signs for any repairs or additional preparation needed to ensure your building is in a good structural standing.


We’ll then estimate for you what you can expect as far as life of the paint, and even recommend new color palates for your satisfaction.

We normally provide a professional electronic quote via Email, clearly defining the repairs that need to be made, and we’ll then provide more information on our warranty, our insurance coverage, our past and raving reviews, and cover some basic FAQ’s!

We look to add a HUGE amount of curb appeal and property value when we assume these projects, and it’ll follow suit with high desirability to rent or live in your facility!

This is what makes us so irresistible to Property Managers and Owners (homeowners love this too)

  • Dozens of properties in our portfolio, all with unique challenges that have been successfully completed.
  • We’ll write out a concise timeline on how long you should expect our project to be, and write out all of the deliverables, which’ll make you feel included in the project without having to really do much! If you’re in a multi-unit facility, this is PERFECT for your tenant notices, custom written to your needs.
  • High-quality, long-lasting, weather-resistant paints in our arsenal.
  • Workmanship is our number 1 priority, right after great communication.
  • Painting that fits your schedule and that won’t interrupt the daily flow of business.

Not sure if Revitalize is a right fit for you? Check out our RAVING customer reviews!

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Give us a call today at (281) 888-0684 and our team at Revitalize will be ready to help make your property look gorgeous with a slick new coat of paint that outlasts even the hottest Texas day.

Contact Us Today at (281) 888-0684

for a Free on-site estimate!

But hurry up! Our schedule books up quick, and we’re on a first come first serve basis. Don’t let people see your building without it looking its best.

P.S. If a phone call is too much work, feel free to write us a quick email and send it to info@htxpainters.com

P.P.S. Yes…. Our on-site estimate is really FREE, and our client advisors will GLADLY make the right recommendations for your building. Call us today.




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One of our technicians will be there to respond to your quote request.