Houston Asphalt Paving

Revitalize is a completely insured and licensed asphalt paving contractor, serving customers in the greater area of Houston. At Revitalize, we offer a complete range services of asphalt paving in Houston. All of our paving projects are performed with industry leading equipment and experience to make sure that our works will exceed the expectations of our customers. Our heavy focus and experience on customer service have enabled our company to become one of the best Pavement contractors in Houston.

Houston Asphalt Paving

Benefits of asphalt paving Houston

  • Low-cost building material – It is the second major feature associated with the material. It is not only inexpensive, but it also takes very less time to be prepared. The material is drying up quickly, which means doors and highways will not be stuck or blocked for a long time.
  • Ease of installation – Easy installation is a major reason that made Houston asphalt paving a preferred option for highways and roads. It is also known for providing fast results, making it a great choice for revitalizing streets and roads, more particularly if you need to finish the work in the minimum time possible.
  • Recycling feature – It is forming one of the impressive features of the material, which can be cycled. The product can be used over and over again, and so you will be able to preserve our natural resources. Other than this, it is also reducing the landfall situation because less material will turn into waste. It is the best option for eco-conscious homeowners, because the product if hundred percent recyclable. Around 80% of these materials will be recycled when removed, more frequently as compared to plastic and paper. Moreover, the aggregate could be created from recycled glass, slag, pig manure, rubber, and slag pavements and shingles. Through to all these, the energy emissions and demands are extremely reduced.
  • Extreme durability – asphalt paving has extreme durability and you can use it for both high and low traffic conditions. Furthermore, it is weather resistant in nature. Sudden weather change affects the material hardly. It is most commonly used for parking lots, walkways, high-volume highways, and playgrounds that carry heavy trucks.
  • Less maintenance – Asphalt pavement requires very minimal maintenance, as the material is extremely easy to repair.

Our Houston asphalt paving at Revitalize has various applications due to its cost-effectiveness and durability. We deliver a quality product for all kinds of asphalt applications, which include parking lot and road paving, asphalt resurfacing services, sealcoating, and maintenance and asphalt repair in Houston TX. Our clients include property management companies, apartment complexes, restaurants, government agencies, developers, farms, hotels, schools, homeowner’s associations, churches, hotels, and some other properties in need of asphalt paving in Houston.

At Revitalize, our staff and crew are among the hardest working people in the paving industry around Houston, which shows in the quality of their workmanship. We are your one-stop shop for all your asphalt paving necessities. From bike trails to parking lots, Revitalize is able to do it all. Contact us at 281-888-0502 or fill up the form for an estimate on your next asphalt paving project.


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