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Refresh your parking lot with a new coat of paint to make your parking lot safe for your tenants, employee’s, and clientele.

Concrete Repair

Pot holes and cracks in the concrete lead to lawsuits and headaches. Get your concrete repaired ASAP.

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Prevent your asphalt from deteriorating by applying a fresh coat of sealer. The longevity in maintenance will pay for itself 10 fold!

Why You Should Use Our Parking Lot Striping Services in Houston, TX 

Parking Lot Striping Houston : Over time, outdoor elements deteriorate your Parking Lot. Because the paint is exposed to the outdoor elements, there’s an overwhelming amount of grime and micro-bacteria that gets caught onto your building from foot and vehicular traffic, weather and other everyday factors that cause wear and tear. Revitalize, a Houston parking lot maintenance company, understands that keeping Houston businesses attractive is a top priority. We offer a wide variety of professional exterior maintenance and restoration services throughout Houston that allows you to maintain your property looking it’s best, all year round.

Why is curb appeal so important?
As a business owner who regularly maintains the exterior, you know that the exterior appearance is just as important as the interior. When you get the Best Parking Lot Striping Houston, you’re extending the life of the business. Over a period of time; your paint will fade away and start to chip. And it could be the difference between someone coming to your commercial facility to do business with you, or turning around to do business somewhere else.

Our commercial Parking Lot Paint Striping services
the entire Houston metro area.

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Our Exterior Maintenance & Pavement Marking Services 

Revitalize Parking Lot Striping is a full-service Parking Lot Maintenance Solutions Provider for parking lot owners. We assist a variety of clientele, including: commercial parking lots, retail chains, malls/strip malls, retail shopping centers, real estate developers, facility operations managers, restaurants and parking lot paving in Houston.

We are the premier Houston, Tx exterior and interior Paint Striping service. These are a few of our services. Call Us today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Parking Lot Striping


✓ Concrete Repair

✓ Asphalt Repair

Bollard & Sign Install

Warehouse Striping


✓ Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance



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Revitalize Parking Lot Maintenance

We are Houston’s Leader in Asset Maintenance and Preservation and the premier choice for complete property maintenance including: Parking lot striping, Sealcoating, Pavement Repairs, Sign/Bollard Installation, Pressure Washing, Parking Lot Paving in Houston, Texas.

Revitalize is a fully insured and licensed company, holding a $2 Million dollar general liability insurance policy. In Houston, TX, we are the first choice for facility maintenance and a full line of exterior services. We take extra measure to provide a compliant and safe service, and being environmentally friendly is our top priority. We offer our clientele only the best paints and our precision in our work allows us to best serve all of our customers. Our Exterior Property Maintenance company can handle any size job, whether it be big or small. Through our state of the art equipment, we are able to utilize the Graco 3900 or the Graco 3400 state of the art equipment to ensure your property has masterfully crisp lines, and your property is handled in a timely manner. Call us at our office today for a free on site consultation for our Parking Lot Maintenance Services! (281) 888 – 4043

We Service:

Parking Lot / Parking Garage Facilities

Apartment Complexes

Senior Living Complexes

Strip Malls / Shopping Centers

Gas Stations


HOA Communities

Office Buildings/Complexes


Industrial Facilities

Government Facilities

Educational Facilities

Daycare Facilities

… And a place you call HOME.

Our Pavement experts are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable in Parking Lot Maintenance and New Layout Parking Lot Striping Houston, and we lead our industry with the greatest methods and techniques. This enables us to provide the best solutions the market has to offer. We bring properties BACK TO LIFE, making it safer for your clientele and of course, a brand new looking building and parking lot.

Our Core Values

Here at Revitalize Parking Lot Striping in Houston, Our values are built on a solid foundation of personal service, quality work, professional results & great rates, but most importantly… Our customer’s satisfaction.Our continuous commitment to excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction is what we’re all about, and always our number one priority! We love to make our clients feel like family when we go the extra mile to take care of your property as if it was our own.

We are a Local, Family Owned, Professional Exterior Parking Lot Striping company that genuinely has an interest in the appearance of your home or business. We serve the Commercial market here in Houston, catering to the needs of Property Management Companies, Restaurants, and Facility Maintenance Companies alike. We are insured for your protection, and we’re the premier choice for your needs in parking lot services, exterior cleaning, & Facility maintenance.

We are not just a another exterior service company in Houston – We appeal to the clientele who look for a company who will provide thorough exterior restorations with safe methods to ensure your property is not damaged, pay attention to the little details, and ultimately providing the best customer experience through honesty, integrity, & sophistication. Our ultimate goal is to improve upon the look of your property, and we ensure that your clientele will enjoy the look of your facility just as much as you will with our Pavement Striping and Maintenance Services.

We are a Houston, Texas premier Parking Lot Maintenance Houston company.

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